Client Experience - Satisfaction Management Programme

Client Experiences

As an organization we believe that our client's overall experience of working with us is as important as the satisfaction with the results of our study.

It has been our constant endeavour to provide services that will create long term value to our clients at no additional costs.

Our Client experience - Satisfaction Management Programme is a system to measure the fulfillment levels of our clients' experiences. This helps us to continuously improve our services.

Regular surveys are conducted with our clients on what they may need from us in future and proactive developments in their respective industries are regularly highlighted. We use a structured questionnaire to capture the client's experience in dealing with us. The questionnaire broadly focuses on capturing the following feedback -

  1. Understand Client Requirements
    Efficiency and clarity of understanding client's business problem
  2. Methodology adopted
    Appropriateness of our research methodology
  3. Insights
    Content and presentation of the findings
    Analysis and recommendation value
  4. Billing procedure
    Adequacy of the procedure to meet the client's accounting needs
  5. Flexibility and adaptability
    Ability of the team and the organization to inculcate flexibility in the services
  6. Comparison with other service providers
    If the client has had experience working with another service provider, how competent was IndiQuest compared to the other organization

This feedback system is one of the main cornerstones of our success. Our success simply means provision of better solutions to clients who in turn, look up to us as knowledge partners rather than information suppliers.