Company Profile

Products offered under this head range from profiles on a company or an industry to complex analysis covering the operational aspects of a company like peer benchmarking, financial analysis, SWOT and industry analysis.

Company profile

  • Operations / Business
  • Key People
  • Product / Service offerings
  • Key financial figures
  • Competitors
  • Strategic movements (Partnerships / Alliances, Acquisitions, etc)
  • Stock performance
  • Industry performance

Financial analysis

  • Key figures and ratios
  • Stock price analysis (Event analysis)
  • Industry expertís opinion
  • Financial analyst view

Peer Benchmarking

  • Industry overview
  • Key Industry figures (market value, past, present and future growth estimates)
  • Top five competitors in that group
  • Competitor movements
  • Industry news
  • Analyst views

SWOT Analysis

  • Product
  • Management
  • Finance
  • People