" This is great stuff. Thanks for all your hard work. FYI, I will be using this material for two major presentations, 1.roundtable of major lenders and creditors…2. for the debt commission "

- Ex CEO on overview reports on the consumer debt landscape

Client Profile
A leading UK based independent broker and packager of non-performing debts. The company offers an innovative range of debt collection agency management and debt sale services to its clients. It provides solutions to maximise net returns for their clients on their debt portfolios, significantly improving recovery rates, reducing costs and risk exposure.

Business Situation
The client was seeking continual, updated and detailed research and analysis of the debt industry in order to get a better understanding of the industry in the early stages of the business. The aim was to continuously increase their market share as a debt recovery agent. They needed information that would help them understand the market and identify key institutions for partnering with as recovery agents.

IndiQuest Solution
IndiQuest worked as an extended Research Centre for the client and provided them with timely intelligence, insights and analyses on all the happenings in the debt market.

After understanding the client's business and role in the debt industry our research team embarked on an exercise to study the other participants of the industry as well as the industries of our client's customers and partners. This led to the creation of a Strategic Market Map of the entire debt-related industry.

As a next step, various players under each of the participant category were identified and monitored on a regular basis. This led to the creation of an online tool, which let the client's business development and strategy teams stay on top of any news related to the competitive space. The overall industry was also tracked on an on-going basis for regulatory and technological developments through a weekly news report.

As a dedicated research unit, IndiQuest proactively studied various subjects that were potential opportunities or threats for the client's business. These include parking fines related debts, student debts, utilities debts, council tax debt, bailiff services, data transfer regulations etc.

IndiQuest also supported the technology team by evaluating various IT product offerings for BACStel-IP, Crystal reports, e-Collections, hosted exchange, business rules engine, knowledge management etc.

Additionally, the client was provided updated profiles of various companies and executives that helped in their discussions and negotiations.

The research team helped the client to be equipped with information and insights that helped them stay abreast of the latest happenings and guided their discussions with clients, partners and regulatory authorities. The reports helped them pre-empt competitive moves and thus reduce threats. Overall, it enabled them to improve their sales value.