1. Process

Delivery Practices

Any study undertaken, big or small, is delivered through a series of tried and tested processes, which ensure that quality is imbibed into the product / service at every stage. The processes adhered to are as follows:

  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Scope identification and definition
  3. Project planning - time, resources and cost
  4. Data collection through primary and secondary techniques
  5. Interim review in stages
  6. Information analysis
  7. Final review
  8. Presentation
  9. Feedback
  10. Learnings discussion and process enhancement

2. Best Practices in Knowledge Management

Our company has constantly endeavoured to provide value to our clients, knowledge enrichment to our employees and satisfaction to our stakeholders by updating and incorporating initiatives that streamline and optimise our processes. The improvements are brought about by focusing on the levers that will bring about efficient execution of services.

Some of the levers that have been identified and improved are listed below:

Customer Knowledge
A thorough in-depth understanding of client requests is the key to a successful enterprise in any industry. There is a direct involvement of our management team with the client in meetings that involve the scope and determination of the client's requirements. Such involvement draws on the experience of senior people in offering alternative methods until the best fit has been identified. The senior team stays connected with the project progress from initiation to completion.

Business Environment Insights
Knowing what one's competitors are doing is imperative for existence in such a competitive world. Our management is well aware of the fast paced environment that we operate in and also the relative potential in the Knowledge arena that companies worldwide look to leverage. We address the two main reasons that clients look towards outsourcing their knowledge needs: superior quality at best price. Being a boutique firm allows us the flexibility to achieve that extra mile in terms of service quality at no additional cost.

Organizational Memory
We have an extensive database of our previous works, which include guide us in our future studies. More importantly, we follow an internal procedure of capturing the knowledge intrinsic to every analyst involved in a previous assignment. That intrinsic knowledge is also implemented in subsequent studies to ensure that the value of past experience isn't lost.

Knowledge in Process
On the completion of each project a successive review meeting is taken with our management and on-board consultants. The review meeting aims to identify the processes and potential areas that need to be improved upon. Each such area is studied vis--vis the previous learnings from earlier clients; and the outcomes and insights are then communicated to the team and its implementation is monitored. As a result we have only become better and efficient with each project.

Knowledge in People
Employees of our company are trained whenever found deficient in any skill. Also our people are given exposure to various methodologies and strategy insights through meetings, training sessions and presentations.