Located in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, IndiQuest boasts of a well designed state of the art set up with a capacity to accommodate more than 200 employees. It is a truly complete office on all fronts from information technology to well crafted and designed interiors. Our office boasts of five conference rooms.

Acknowledging the importance of recreation in an individual's professional life, our company maintains an in-house facility that offers various indoor games such as snooker and table-tennis, to name a few. Our company has, through a tie-up with the Mumbai Educational Trust, access to their vast library of over 20,000 books and 200 periodicals covering management, technology, science and economy among others.


Loss of data is prevented through regular back-ups as well as continuous and consistent power supply. Security from data thefts posed by hackers and other such malicious entities are taken care of by firewalls and other intrusion preventing systems. Internet connectivity is taken care of by a leased line circuit provided by two internet service providers thus ensuring continuous and uninterrupted internet access.