At IndiQuest, you don't get a job. You get a career.

Every individual here drives his own career at the pace he chooses. We just provide the wherewithal in the form of a stimulating atmosphere and challenging projects. Everyone is encouraged to participate, challenge findings and present fresh ideas at team brainstorming sessions.

IndiQuest places a special emphasis on learning and development of its employees. Our researchers and analysts are meticulously trained on various concepts, which are not only determined by the demands of the projects but also by the proactive analyses of industry direction. Employees are also encouraged to attend workshops, online training modules and sign up for Management Development Programs offered by the best B-schools in order to upgrade their skill - sets.

IndiQuest conducts regular project reviews to capture the best practices and learnings. Appraisals are held every six months to help track performance against established deliverables, to plan the future responsibilities and to manage career growth. The overall objectives are reviewed to ensure that you remain on course to achieve them and that we provide as much support as possible.

Growth at IndiQuest is based on merit. Intellectual excellence and outstanding ideas for developing products and processes are always encouraged and rewarded.

Personality development programs at IndiQuest are a wholesome experience, which not only include work related training and mentoring but also team building initiatives such as offsite sessions, movie screenings, treks, and parties.

All this makes working with IndiQuest a thoroughly fulfilling and learning experience.

Life At IndiQuest