"A big thank you to everybody on the team for their hard work on getting through this project. I think we have plenty of food for thought for our strategic thinking"

- Vice-President, Asia-Pacific Operations

Client Profile
The publisher of the worlds leading weekly newspaper, analysis and commentary, covering business and the global political economy with over 4 million readers globally. The company has been serving its customers for over 150 years and is regarded as the foremost authority on economic, political and business issues. Their publication is printed in six countries and published on the internet, and has more than 80% of its circulation outside the UK.

Business Situation
The company was trying to establish its market in India and gain a foothold in the publications market in India. The client was also interested in expanding operations in the areas of conferences, reports and magazine publishing.

IndiQuest Solution
The study was divided into four areas specific to the client's businesses, viz. print and web publications, research reports, conferences, and corporate networking services. Thorough studies were conducted through several primary interviews with industry players, subject matter experts, regulatory authorities etc. At every stage, data points were supplemented with secondary information through highly credible sources.

The data collected was then sifted, sliced and analysed to reveal some significant demand-supply characteristics, need-gap analysis, and entry options.

The study also covered the operational cost involved in setting up the business in India and explored the options of doing so either through a captive centre, a joint-venture or a distributor. The study also explored the operational challenges and possible solutions in the setting up the business in India highlighting different regulatory, social, political, technological and economical issues.

The study revealed major insights on their business prospects in India and provided key options for decision-making. The client decided to revisit and re-evaluate some of their earlier thoughts in light of the revelations thrown by our study.