"I thought this work was really good. We will be submitting a proposal to the board taking into consideration some of the findings from your report and inform you of the next steps"

- Strategy Director

Client Profile
A subsidiary of one of the foremost global News companies which creates & distributes top-quality news, sports and entertainment around the world. The company has tie-ups with all major news channels around the globe and has a far-reaching presence in both print and electronic media.

Business Situation

  • The client was considering potential acquisitions of key vendors having a strong presence in the internet space and those that sold products/ services online across verticals like automotive, financial information and advice, news/ research, community, personals, news/ information, real-estate and travel.
  • These acquisitions would help the client increase its products/ services and become a major force to reckon with globally.

IndiQuest Solution
An in-depth market study featuring all players across different verticals was conducted. As a first step a list of potential players was generated through extensive secondary research. This was then short listed basis certain considerations relevant to the client's business as provided by them. Finally, the short listed companies were analysed on the basis of various parameters such as details on parent company, market capitalisation, revenue, profit and country of operations among others.

The findings of the research undertaken assisted the client in their strategic decision making process. Information pertaining to potential acquisition targets detailing their strengths and weaknesses provided clarity to the client in their acquisition strategy.