The atmosphere here is 'professional casual', but there is nothing casual about the attitude towards quality and delivery. This has made a positive impact on my life and it helps me to learn something new and exciting everyday. Every workday, I feel challenged to do a better than the previous day which isn't an easy act to follow, yet I feel determined to make a difference. On the whole it is a great place to work.

- Research Trainee

Working with IndiQuest has been an enriching experience. IndiQuest has imbibed me with the skills and knowledge to deliver solutions of superior quality and the ability to go much beyond client expectations.

- Research Associate

IndiQuest offers me an environment to think with a lot of freedom. The teams that I work with are highly competent and result oriented. I have joined IndiQuest recently but this place has reconfirmed my belief that the greatest asset that an organization can possess is knowledge and only knowledge. There is an inherent belief here that we have the ability to deliver solutions to any kind of business problem.

- Research Analyst

People often ask me what has kept me going for over five years with IndiQuest (BIG). And I say, "I cannot point at just one or two reasons." But I am clear about what will keep me going for the next five years. This place offers multiple opportunities to learn, experiment, and innovate. There is a contagious drive in the team that instils a sense of ownership. The projects let you stay on top of the happenings in the business world. Most importantly, I have the flexibility to shape my own career.

- Senior Research Analyst

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