Client Profile
A UK based, privately held company that specialises in providing information services that are immediately accessible, any time, any place. Subscribers send questions via SMS, email or an online application and receive responses on their mobile phones.

Business Situation
In order to optimise its costs, the company wished to outsource some of its services to an offshore unit. This would provide them with significant advantages in terms of pricing as well as leveraging the time zone difference.

IndiQuest Solution
A full time researcher with the right skill sets was identified for the role as a dedicated resource. The resource needed to be highly internet search savvy, with the ability to understand questions that could be vague at times, and communicate the search findings appropriately.

The researcher was provided focused virtual training to handle questions, to search for credible and appropriate responses, and to send the responses to the requestor. Post the training period, he was moved to the live environment to take live questions from requestors.

The solutions offered by IndiQuest helped in the following ways,

  • The client's customers could gain timely access to any kind of information round the clock on their mobile phones. Everything from an intelligent report to gossip & rumour could be confirmed and the precision of the news could be verified.
  • The client could provide this service during non-working hours by taking advantage of the time zone difference.
  • The client achieved significant cost reduction due to offshore pricing.